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       Clean Earl's watch. Today, Beijing Earl maintenance center will share with you some tips on how to clean Earl's watch. The watch we will talk about below is very popular, and you will see it in many films and TV works. However, although it is classic and good-looking, our feelings for it are still complex, with love and hate. I like it very much, because it is a famous Swiss watch with good movement quality. But let the head is not so good care, especially the watch strap. Next, Beijing Earl maintenance service center will talk about cleaning Earl strap.



       1. To take good care of your watch is crucial to how long your watch will stay with you. Many things, including cleaning and unremitting care, are absolutely important. For all kinds of materials, there are corresponding cleaning methods, but the metal strap is not so easy to handle. The most common problem is that the color is faded. If it is used normally, it will be polished after careful cleaning and maintenance. Being a gold-plated Earl watch is really unfriendly. We need to pay more attention to it in our daily life. For example, when cleaning, try not to brush the watch strap hard. Instead, take down the Earl's watch, add an appropriate amount of detergent in the water, and then gently brush the watch seam with a soft brush.


       2. We must know that it is very important to take good care of your watch. If you use ultrasonic cleaning, it is the best. If you use ultrasonic cleaning to clean the dirt, you don't have to worry about scratches and discoloration of the coating. Naturally, the dirt can disappear. In fact, the Earl's watch has been worn for a long time. It is inevitable that the Earl's watch is dirty. After cleaning it with ultrasonic wave, we know that the Earl's watch is really dirty. It is caused by common hand sweating and dust. No matter how clean it is, it should be dried by electric hot air blower before installation. Don't seep water in the case. The waterproof performance of Earl's watch can only be said to be average. It can't be said that the gain is not worth the loss. In daily life, we must take good care of the strap, so that the Earl's watch can always accompany you and add luster to you.


       Beijing Earl maintenance center warm tips: when you find your Earl watch is broken, send it to repair. If you have any questions about Earl's watch, please call the service hotline in time for detailed consultation, and insist on the maintenance of your Earl's watch, and send your Earl's watch to Beijing Earl repair center in time.

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